David Schillo : Are you a public speaker ?

David Schillo is an articulate communicator and motivating leader integrating fitness into a classroom setting.

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Three Reasons to Become a Teacher : David Schillo

David Schillo is a teacher and shared 3 reasons to become a teacher in this slide. David Schillo also encourage the students to do right thing in their life.

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David Schillo : Three Facts About Adaptive Physical Education

David Schillo, an eighth grade science teacher, is interested in adaptive physical education. “My students and I were responsible for creating customized adapted physical activity plans aimed to work towards a physical goal such as walking upstairs, writing with a pencil, shooting a ball, or running track,” he says. David Schillo earned a master’s degree in kinesiology from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. He enjoys using his knowledge of fitness to help his students.

Adapted physical education involves making physical education available to adolescents with disabilities. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act uses the term disability as a broad category. It includes people with autism, the hearing and sight impaired, intellectual disabilities, orthopedic impairments, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and other health impairments.

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Adapted physical education can help children with disabilities grow stronger and more confident. Physical education can help improve balance, strength, and functional life skills for children who have developmental disabilities.

Educators with a background in kinesiology and physical education can help create lesson plans for students with a range of disabilities. Adapted physical education professionals can assess individuals and devise a plan for improving their physical fitness. David Schillo is passionate about helping students with disabilities and improving physical education. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Schillo served the United States Army and traveled extensively.

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David Schillo : The Importance of Science in Schools

David Schillo teaches eighth grade science as well as health and fitness. David Schillo is interested in integrating physical activity into his science classes. He has a background in chemistry, biology, anatomy, and organic chemistry. Mr. Schillo states that he is a “motivating leader who integrates fitness into a classroom setting to improve academic performance.” He enjoys building a strong science and health program in his school.

Science is important because it teaches problem solving skills. Chemistry, biology, and other disciplines of science can train students to analyze a situation and build a hypothesis. Problem solving skills can be applied to several different aspects of education and life.

A second reason to build a strong science department is to encourage young men and women to pursue a higher education in the sciences. Educators can encourage their students to pursue degrees in chemistry, environmental sciences, biology, and more.

A third reason is to teach science is to help students develop a curiosity towards learning. Science experiments can engage students and teach them to enjoy their studies. Chemistry and biology can be fun and exciting for students of any age. David Schillo enjoys his work as a teacher. He is interested in working with young adults and helping them advance in their studies. When David Schillo is not teaching, he enjoys reading and volunteering with local organizations.

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David Schillo: International Experience

David Schillo is a Tennessee teacher who traveled abroad during his college education – after visiting more than six countries, he returned to his United States education with a broadened perspective. David Schillo is also known as analytical problem solver.

David 3

He is a reputable science teacher in Tennessee, is known as a positive leader and an analytical problem solver whose teaching abilities allow him to work with all students, including those with developmental disabilities.

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David Schillo: American Heart Association

David Schillo, a grade school science teacher in Tennessee, lost his father to a sudden heart attack and has since dedicated himself to completing a full marathon with the American Heart Association in the coming years.


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David Schillo: Why Volunteer?

David Schillo is a science teacher in Dickson, Tennessee. Previously, he was a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer with the United States Army and, before that, David Schillo served as a Program Supervisor with the East Carolina Developmental Motor Lab. Through it all, Mr. Schillo has also been a volunteer.

Volunteering is, for those like David Schillo who are dedicated to it, among the most rewarding of life’s activities. To donate your time to helping improve the lives of others is to give your life meaning and to go beyond saying that you “support” a cause and truly support causes.

If you’re like many of us, you have areas that are close to your heart and you would like to volunteer for them someday, but you don’t know when you’ll get around to it. Once you do, you might never want to stop, so why not try it soon?

Volunteering is more than spending your day away from home or work being selfless. It is a connected activity in which you reach out to other people (or animals or environments) and improve their well being with no thought of repayment. In doing so, you walk away knowing that you have a higher purpose in life, that because of you, someone or something is better off.

Furthermore, volunteering and helping non-profit organizations can be a way to personally improve your mental and physical health.

In addition to his years spent working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, for example, David Schillo is presently training to complete a half-marathon for the American Heart Association. When speaking of his reasons in a recent interview, he stated: “My father passed away from a sudden heart attack and it is a goal of mine to complete a full marathon within the next 5 years.”



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David Schillo: Benefits of Studying Abroad

David Schillo, a Tennessee science teacher and an active volunteer with organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association, is an accomplished, balanced professional with a diverse background. Among his education and career highlights was the year he spent studying abroad.

Though based in Sweden, David Schillo traveled to Germany, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Austria before returning home, and these are not his only international adventures. He went on to have more during his time as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer with the United States Army and he enjoys traveling in his own time.

Unsurprisingly, successful professionals like Mr. David Schillo often share travel and studying abroad in common. This is not a coincidence – those who travel or study abroad earn higher wages and reach greater career accomplishments.

Seeing the world is one of the primary reasons that students look forward to studying abroad. It is the most obvious, most common and most important reason. Seeing the world broadens your horizons and teaches you to view situations through different perspectives.

Once you’ve made friends in other countries, stood in the shoes of the foreigner surrounded by the unknown and realized that people everywhere are kind and caring, you view the world differently. This translates to how you present yourself as a professional and how employers perceive you.

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Studying abroad also teaches students the benefits of speaking multiple languages, opens the doors to career opportunities that would have otherwise remained on the other side of a country boarder and helps them find new interests.

Whether, you already enjoy adventuring, like David Schillo, or you haven’t found your travel bug yet, studying abroad is among the best ways to know yourself. Don’t write off travel because you don’t think you’d like it – experience it and decide based on what you learn.


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