David Schillo: Former Tutor with the University Academic Tutoring Center

David Schillo was a tutor working for the University Academic Tutoring Center. David worked for this organization as an undergraduate at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. The University Academic Tutoring Center helped Schillo connect with his fellow students and help them succeed, while giving him valuable experience he would later use in his current job as a middle school science teacher.

David Schillo recommends working as a tutor in college to all undergraduates. Not only is it a great way to earn a few extra dollars, working as a tutor also creates opportunities for students to learn more about the subjects they’re tutoring others in. David Schillo benefited greatly from helping other students navigate difficult classes and concepts over his time working for the East Carolina University Academic Tutoring Center.

David Schillo enjoyed a long career in the US Army as a highly-trained officer before he left the military to teach middle school science. Schillo was “stationed at Fort Leonard MO, Fort Benning GA, and Camp Stanley Korea.

Follow Davis Schillo on twitter https://twitter.com/davidschillo_ to know more detail.

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