David Schillo : The Importance of Science in Schools

David Schillo teaches eighth grade science as well as health and fitness. David Schillo is interested in integrating physical activity into his science classes. He has a background in chemistry, biology, anatomy, and organic chemistry. Mr. Schillo states that he is a “motivating leader who integrates fitness into a classroom setting to improve academic performance.” He enjoys building a strong science and health program in his school.

Science is important because it teaches problem solving skills. Chemistry, biology, and other disciplines of science can train students to analyze a situation and build a hypothesis. Problem solving skills can be applied to several different aspects of education and life.

A second reason to build a strong science department is to encourage young men and women to pursue a higher education in the sciences. Educators can encourage their students to pursue degrees in chemistry, environmental sciences, biology, and more.

A third reason is to teach science is to help students develop a curiosity towards learning. Science experiments can engage students and teach them to enjoy their studies. Chemistry and biology can be fun and exciting for students of any age. David Schillo enjoys his work as a teacher. He is interested in working with young adults and helping them advance in their studies. When David Schillo is not teaching, he enjoys reading and volunteering with local organizations.

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