The Career of David Schillo Part 1

David Schillo has sustained a dynamic career and has served in many positions in the fields of exercise science and public health and promotion. Here is the first section of the professional advances that David Has achieved throughout his successful career.

During the course of 2012 to 2014, David Schillo worked as a physical education intern instructor for numerous adapted physical exercise initiatives at the Pitt County Public Schools in Greenville, North Carolina. During this time, he adhered to numerous responsibilities and made countless achievements, including:

  • He became involved with many community facilities programs and initiatives to further public awareness of health and safety matters.
  • He worked directly with the community in veterans facilities and instructional settings with individuals ages 8 to 18.
  • He directed intricate physical exercise programs formulated to help people with unique physical needs.
  • He collaborated with family members to arrange physical and recreational goals for individuals participating in adapted exercise programs.
  • He complied with a wide variety of organizational, federal and state-wide regulations regarding the operation of community facilities.
  • David offered comprehensive and informative physical health education instruction and courses for the community.
  • He instructed injury prevention courses to cultivate meaningful lifestyle changes and give the public information about how to ensure their safety.
  • Collected program-based information to ensure program development and execution was accurately reported and all program goals were realized in an effective and timely fashion.
  • He adapted programs organized to address the requirements of people with developmental and physical disabilities and improve the quality of their lives.
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Fun Facts about David Schillo

David Schillo blog Graphic

David Schillo works directly with his students to organize academic goals, connects with caregivers and parents to offer support when necessary, and strives to apply dynamic instructional strategies in hopes of cultivating a successful learning environment capable of addressing the needs of all his students.


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Fun Facts About David Schillo Part 3

David Schillo is 29 years old and was born in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. During his childhood, he moved to Raleigh with his family. Nowadays, he resides in Clarksville, Tennessee.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Public Health and Promotion at East Carolina University in North Carolina, David Schillo decided to pursue a post-graduate degree in Exercise Science. During the course of his master’s studies, he opted to focus on researching adapted physical education.

David Schillo completed his master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Adapted Physical Education and has gone on to become a leader in the field. His academic research and comprehensive education has provided him with the vital insight and knowledge necessary to develop specialized exercise programs and routines for people who have physical and developmental disabilities.

David Schillo loves traveling and has been lucky enough to explore numerous regions in the world. For example, he decided to participate in the year-long study abroad program during college, which allowed him to spend an extensive amount of time in the gorgeous country of Sweden. During his time abroad in the nation, David relished the chance to go dog sledding, view the northern lights, and see the prosperous city of Stockholm.

Schillo, David Profile Picture 3

In addition to Sweden, David Schillo has traveled to the marvelous nation of Germany. During his time in the nation, he had a blast at Oktoberfest, viewed the Berlin Wall, spent time in the historical area of Munich, and honored the victims of the holocaust at the location of Auschwitz.

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Fun Facts About David Schillo Part 1

David Schillo went to college at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, where he majored in Public Health Education and Promotion. In 2011, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

David’s outstanding grade point average and strong work ethic was honored by the Honor Society for Health Education and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

As a Public Health Education and Promotion major, David Schillo took many specialized courses including Biostatistics for Health Professionals, Nutrition, Framework of Health Promotion, and Medical Nomenclature for Human Activity.

David Schillo maintained the role of a physical education intern instructor of specialized physical activity initiatives at the Pitt County Public Schools in Greenville, North Carolina. While working as a physical education intern, he designed tailor-made programs to address the needs of children.

David is a veteran who served in the United States Army with dignity for four and a half years. After earning the title of a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer, he was stationed in Uijeongbu, South Korea for over three years. During this time, David Schillo managed the army branch responsible for guarding the nation against the threat of harmful weapons.

David Schillo is extremely passionate about public health and promotion. His commitment to the field has motivated him to organize several specialized physical fitness programs throughout his career. He has designed and directed recreational and educational initiatives to help a wide variety of people with unique exercise requirements, such as the elderly and children with developmental and physical disabilities.

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David Schillo’s Participation in Community Outreach Programs

David Schillo is a caring individual, who strives to do whatever he can to help others live their best life on a daily basis. No matter what he is doing, David is always trying to act on the behalf of others, which is why he has spent much of his life assisting others with disabilities and chronic illnesses. He is currently an 8th grade science teacher in Dickson, Tennessee, where he works constantly to further his students’ understanding of all general scientific concepts. While he loves his job as a science teacher, David Schillo has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in community outreach programs. He has been involved in countless outreach initiatives throughout his life, including the Örebro University International Community Outreach program at Örebro University Hospital, which he participated in while studying abroad as an international student intern in 2009. He traveled to Örebro Sweden with the aspiration of helping individuals suffering with cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes have the opportunity to be physically active. He achieved this goal by helping to secure ample funding for the construction of new community bike routes. In order to show the connection between the area’s high rate of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and lack of physical exercise, David Schillo used information acquired from surveys and inspection reports to highlight the correlation. He also organized comprehensive advertising campaigns. One of these aimed to increase public awareness of the newly constructed biking routes, and another – the importance of incorporating physical activity into one’s life on a regular basis. To get more information about David Schillo, Visit:

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David Schillo Studied Adapted Physical Education for Challenged Youngsters in Depth

Science teacher David Schillo of Dickson Middle School in Dickson, Tennessee studied kinesiology in his Master’s Degree program at East Carolina University.  His thesis concerned adapted physical education for children with developmental disabilities.   Genetic factors have long been considered pivotal to the origins of developmental disabilities, although the environment is also a factor.  The exact nature of environmental causation has been the source of the nature versus nurture debate for decades.  Currently, over 1,000 known genetic conditions have symptoms which are developmental delays or disabilities.

David Schillo’s volunteerism with children who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy is his current work with the approximately 2% of the western population who suffer from developmental disability conditions.  Developmental disabilities are more common in males than in females.  Research studies have found that proportions of developmental disabilities are higher in areas which suffer from poverty and among certain ethnic populations.   In western societies, tiers of child development have been established to allow practitioners to diagnose possible developmental delays when a child does not reach an expected level of development.  Levels of attainment are measured according to a developmental age established by test scores.

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David Schillo Worked in East Carolina University Developmental Motor Lab

Working with the developmentally disabled has been important to teacher David Schillo since his days as a tutor at East Carolina University.  A group of chronic conditions which arise from mental or physical impairments, developmental disabilities cause special problems for individuals in “language, mobility, learning, self-help, and independent living”. A part of the lifespan of those afflicted, most developmental disabilities are detected early.  Those disabilities which are pervasive throughout all areas of an individual’s development are labelled global developmental delays. Common developmental disability conditions include Fragile X syndrome resulting in autism, Down syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders which cause social, communication and behavioral difficulties, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy, which affects the individual’s ability to move and maintain balance.  Intellectual disability or mental retardation revolves around the condition of having an IQ below 70, affecting adaptive functioning.


Teacher David Schillo worked in the East Carolina University Developmental Motor Lab as he worked for his Master’s Degree.  During that time, Graduate Assistant Schillo and his students worked to customize physical activity programs and activities for children who suffer from a variety of developmental disabilities.  The causes of these conditions are largely unknown, even when an etiological investigation is conducted.

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David Schillo Once Based in Camp Stanley of Uijeongbu, South Korea

Camp Red Cloud is the headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division of the United States Army located east of Uijeongbu, South Korea. David Schillo was based with Camp Stanley, a military post with the Red Cloud garrison. Uijeongbu is a city located between Seoul, the capitol of South Korea, and the Korean Demilitarized Zone, a strip of land which stretches across the Korean Peninsula. The Korean DMZ was created as a buffer between North and South Korea by the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953.  Acting as a border barrier, the Korean DMZ is approximately 2 and a half miles wide and 160 miles long.  The Korean DMZ is one of the most dangerously tense areas in the world.

David Schillo was attached to Camp Stanley, a military camp which is part of the Red Cloud garrison of the United States Army in South Korea. David Schillo was a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer, overseeing 2.900 soldiers in his Maneuver Enhancement Brigade. Developing and implementing defensive measures to be followed in the event of a CBRN attack, Schillo provided a vital service to the military in one of the most inflammatory parts of the world today.

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David Schillo Combined Passions of Science and Health

David Schillo continued his interest in science and health at East Carolina University, where he studied Public Health Education. Public Health Education studies include a variety of specialty areas, such as environmental health, physical health, social health, emotional health, intellectual health and spiritual health.  Health education may be said to be the principles by which humans and groups of humans learn to approach health in a proactive way, promoting, maintaining and restoring health.  The role of public health education has changed over the eons of human existence.  UP until the 1950’s, much of public health was focused on controlling the effects of infectious diseases.  Once these threats were largely under control, the 1970’s saw human society turn to reducing illness, death and rising health care costs by focusing on disease prevention and healthful practices.

David Schillo’s passion and place as a health educator may be defined as “a professionally prepared individual who serves in a variety of roles and is specifically trained to use appropriate educational strategies and methods to facilitate the development of policies, procedures, interventions, and systems conducive to the health of individuals, groups, and communities”.

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David Schillo Brings Sharp Communication Skills to Multiple Jobs

David Schillo was able to develop and test through practical use customized, movement-based physical education programs on both a short and long term basis. David Schillo consulted with his developmentally disabled patient/clients each day, monitoring and noting their progress toward activity goals. David Schillo watched his client’s motor function and flexibility improve even while encouraging exercise as fun and dynamic. His class of 15 students in Dance Abiity is an excellent example of his creativity and skill in combining exercise and fun in physical activity for long term positive outcomes. Even while customizing his students’ best physical activity therapies, Schillo did research and analysis which will benefit future program students through his published results.


David Schillo has recorded his excellent communication skills as one of his strongest areas of expertise.  Across the spectrum of his life’s experiences, communication has been key to his success. From his experiences in the Developmental Motor Lab at East Carolina University to his previous position as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer with the United States Army, Schillo has exhibited his skills with both academic innovation and successful human interaction accomplished through superior articulate communication.

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